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*Invitation to take part in the “Celebration of the Living (who reflect upon death)” 3rd edition, November 2, 2012*

*Invitation to take part in the
“Celebration of the Living (who reflect upon death)”
3rd edition, November 2, 2012*

10am New York; 11am Buenos Aires; 12pm São Paulo; 3pm London; 4pm Cairo,
Rome; 5pm Addis Ababa; 9pm Phnom Penh; 10pm Shanghai

In early November people in many parts of the world celebrate the Day of
the Dead, remembering those who passed away and often visiting their
graves; one way or another we all try to establish contact with our loved
ones, and sometimes we consider our own common and mortal destiny,
therefore reflecting on death in general.

We would like to evoke, create and share an imaginary space where
individual thoughts, analogies or coincidences may emerge; where images
and voices seen or heard during our contact with the dead ones can find an
echo in the experience of others.

On occasion of the 3rd edition of “The Celebration of the Living (who
reflect upon death)”, we propose a collective action, open to everyone,
which will be held in different places at the same time.
Each participant will meet his/her loved ones, friends and relatives who
passed away. Everyone will try to imagine and configure the right way to
get in touch with the dead either through ritual, gesture, or thought.

The fact that a plurality of people is in contact, at exactly the same
moment, with other people who are not with us anymore, creates a shared
space of life and death, between the dead ones and us, the living who share
a destiny of finitude.
The experience of such a common space and destiny is a way to create an
intensity which will bring together the participants.

We invite you to take part in this collective action on November 2, 2012,
by establishing a contact with a dead person, at a specific time.
We also invite you to send us an email to confirm your intention to
participate in the “Celebration of the living (who reflect upon death)”.

To start creating a sense of community, the participants’ names will be
made public (unless anonimity is requested) on the website

The shared experience of November 2, 2012, will be celebrated in a physical
encounter that will take place in San Cesario di Lecce at Lu Cafausu. We
will send more information on this event later.

*Emilio Fantin, Luigi Negro, Giancarlo Norese, Cesare Pietroiusti, Luigi


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