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What I Did Today: 11/16/05


Bored at the Death Star I ventured out today:

Somehow I missed out on the  Mike Kelley gene  because I've never thought much of his work even though I do admit to a bit of sympathy for what he tries to do. Alas, there's no sparks, not even in the acres and acres of work now at Gagosian in Chelsea titled "Day is Done". I do admit that he's got the whole schizophrenic market cornered but others do it much more economically. And what's with the ridiculous report on the opening by David Rimanelli on the Artforum site:

More pleasant was having my fingerprints taken at the Carey Young exhibit/performance "Consideration" at Paula Cooper's other space, where I happened to stumble upon the pre-opening and was one of the first. I have to admit I thought my days of being fingerprinted were over and I had an involuntary reaction that caused my forefingers to revolt but the job got done and the results were posted on the wall. Young was a co-hort of Heath Bunting in days gone by and I would follow her anywhere. But then I may be schizophrenic:

Not much else in Chelsea. I passed by the Austrian Gelitin boys at Leo Koenig because it just looked like too much of a commitment  to open the door:

Besides, I had reservations at the Austrian Cultural Forum later to hear a talk between Thomas Demand and Michael Rush. Very pleasant, almost too pleasant since I think I dozed off for a time in the middle. Demand is a very pleasant man and I couldn't help thinking by his look and manner he could be Jan Gerber's dad. Most interesting fact: he shares a large studio in Berlin with Olafur Eliason and Tacita Dean and that he does all his own model-building because, unlike Eliason who has 25 people working for him, he's terrible at delegating. I'm sympathetic. He also said he doesn't use digital cameras because they can't be blown up to the size he wants without pixelating. That's seemed like a weird thing to say since the whole point of digital photography is scalability. But I like his work because it is so boring. I'm pretty boring in person since I'm borderline autistic and tend to zone out when people are talking to me.

That's it for today. Bye.