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Bay Buchanan says Blame The Victim


Bay Buchanan goes on CNN and says that Americans are tired of hearing about Katrina victims. Does the Republican media machine have no shame? Here's some blogs who take issue with Bay.
"Bay, I'm tired of your America, of the America people like you and your brother have built. It increasingly bears no resemblance to the nation I was raised in, the one I was taught to believe in. The nation that saved itself from the Great Depression and saved the world from European Fascism, the nation that built the interstate system and sent men to the moon, it is gone. Now we are a nation that can't save its own people, even as we empty the treasury into the sinkhole of Iraq."Wet Bank Guide

"How dare you say this when so many people died, lost their homes, lost loved ones, and their jobs! No, we are not tired of hearing of it, since these people are human beings unlike you. You are a miscreant at its finest for even saying that on national TV and it exposes your kind for what all of you truly are and that is uncaring, unfeeling and most of all non-compassionate thugs."
radio left
Correction: in the video I say Bay Buchanan is Pat Buchanan's wife. She's not. It's worse than that. She's his sister.