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Shepard Fairey May Day at DEITCH PROJECTS

James Kalm attempts to visit Shepard Fairey's May Day exhibition, the final show at this location of the Deitch Project. However, the crowds are too thick to get in the door, so your reporter documents some of the goings-on outside the gallery including a brief chat with Mark Kostabi, and the arrival of a motorcycle gang. A few days later, Kalm returns to tour the exhibition at an opportune time, without the mobs, for a better viewing of the art.

The World is Yours (But Also Ours) - O Zhang @ CRG Gallery


The World is Yours (But Also Ours)


DECEMBER 12, 2008 - JANUARY 31, 2009
opening reception: Friday, Dec 12, 6-8pm

For her first solo exhibition in the United States, O Zhang transforms CRG's space with an installation that has at its center images from her latest photographic series: The World is Yours (But Also Ours).

Bay Buchanan says Blame The Victim


Bay Buchanan goes on CNN and says that Americans are tired of hearing about Katrina victims. Does the Republican media machine have no shame? Here's some blogs who take issue with Bay.

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