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Sound Art is everywhere these days. Peter Sinclair and his experimental soundlab Locus Sonus have a video up on the web called Audio Geo. I'm trying to get Locus Sonus over here for the Digit Festival in August. The grant forms are in and we are keeping our fingers crossed.

MTAA has a podcast blog called To Be Listened To... It's also a sort of audio exquisite corps. You can upload a sound work of your own to anyone of the 8 original feeds. I checked out my seed which is called, In a park in Europe as you wait for the sun to rise and the snow to stop. There was one other upload from
Anni Abrahams & Jan de Weille. It's a really terrific bit of electronica. This site is quite interesting and taking the time to explore the sound art is very rewarding. The bonus is that if you make sound art you can add your file to the database.

Internet video is also quite big, especially viral video. A good place to look is Doron Golan's DVblog.

Doron's doing a terrific job of presenting a good mix of experimental videos and oddities. This site has become so popular that Doron had to go to a bigger server.
My video Smart House got 5,000 downloads in one week.Smart House

I put up two new rants for RANTAPOD I've added some simple video techniques and editing chops to enhance the impact. I've been working with the idea of using digital sound and video to enhance, isolate and amplify performative gestures. The affect is quite startling.

I've added a direct mp4 link from the rantapod page so that if you are on a linux box or can't click the quicktime video enclosure you can click on the mp4 link. I've also redesigned the rantapod web/blog interface making it it simpler and cleaner. You can grab the direct rss feed at the bottom of the page or you can subscribe via iTunes here

Finally, one of my favorite media artists, Christina Mc Phee is having an exhibition in Finland.

Christina is on her way to becoming a major force in the new media scene.

Marc Garret also has a great sound art site called
and let's not forget Jerome Joy original sound art site on the thing home studio