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Taxonomy is everywhere.

This past week, I did two Art Dirt Redux interviews,that indicate a new discourse of sorts for the digital art arena. One was with Marc Garret of and the other with [PAM]

Garret talks about node London, a media arts festival that was de-centralized and non-hierarchical and [PAM] talks about video art folksonomy. Things are getting interesting when you look at the as well.

I will write a deeper theoretical analysis of tagging on my blog this week. In the meantime you can subscribe directly to the RSS feed at

Assembled Cinema was presented on May 20th on Doron Golan who started dvblog says that the video (assembled cinema) got 7700 downloads in two days. It’s also worth checking out Doron’s other video site

Speaking of sound art.

Cary Peppermint is doing some pretty terrific actions at Hartwick College. He has set up a solar powered sound art installation in the woods for his Wild Information Network

Also take a look at his performance videos.
They resemble early conceptual works that involve an action and documentation but don’t be lulled into writing them off. They are very smart and up to date.