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Probably the best museum show I have ever seen and heard is the DaDa exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art. I liked it so much I was inspired and did two Art Dirt Redux Mash-ups. The first one uses the curators audio tour guide and the audio I recorded while Rob Murphy & I walked around the exhibit. I used a cut-up technique and shuffled the “found sound” of the curators comments.

The second mashup is called, DaDa@MoMA pt. 2 (to be listened to backwards with curators on WaWa).

In this on I cut up and reversed the sound sample I took with Rob Murphy during our walk around. The curators comments are overlapped left channel and right channel and run through a WaWa effect.

Artists are beginning to experiment with HD video. I went to a terrific HD video screening at Anthology film archives on June 28th. It was put on by Voom HD labs who produced the 12 shorts and a feature film.

I’m gearing up for the SCOPE Hamptons art fair July 13th-16th. I’ve been invited to organize the HD video section. We’ll have a high definition video flat screen running as you enter the exhibition. There will be 3 artists presented on the screen, Bill Dolson, G.H. Hovagimyan and Christina McPhee. Dolson and McPhee will be premiering their first HD works at this fair. I’ll be presenting excerpts from an HDV database

Maybe all of this market excitement is getting to me or maybe the DaDa show reminded me of the fact that many of the DaDa works were never sold or never intended for sale. Anyway, I did a rant called, I Am Not A Commodity/ I Am A Person Rantapod is getting more interesting as I build the video database. Perhaps the most exciting part is the Categories aspect to blog tags. Try clicking on a keyword and it will sort videos with similar tags. It’s a new way of deconstructing and then reconfiguring meaning.

Location One always has a surprise that makes it worth checking out. The open house wednesday evening events are a mix of really interesting lectures by media artists, theorists and other unique people. Often there are performances and special events. I went to the Sinners & Saints party that was a sort of fundraiser and an evening get together with a performance by "Rev. Luke Murphy." The galleries were also filled with the 2006 A.I.R projects. They are all terrific and worth checking out eith at one of the Wednesday evening events or during gallery hours. While I was ther I bumped into Judy Nylon, a hard core Punk Rocker from the 1970's. We started to reminisce or should I say compare notes. Judy is pretty terrific and still as real as ever. Anyway, the artist team Leesa & Nicole Abahuni did a wonderful sound art piece that was activated by people touching a copper cloth and each other. Very social focus point relational aesthetics. Watch for more work from them. The performance by Luke Murphy was ostensibly a corporate style motivational talk with bar charts, graphs and so on. What the subject was however was psychological states of happiness, despair and anxiety. It was all very logical, and absurd. It makes David Burns' art style power point presentations look anemic and surfacey by comparison. I saw Luke Murphy give an artists' talk at pace digital Pace Digital this Spring. He's partially inspired by Joseph Beuys. Trying to quantify or map emotions. I'm reminded of some of the funkier lecture style art performances of Peter Fend. If you get a chance see one of his performances.