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The Getty's "Video Revolutionaries" website attacked by digital artists and "over thrown"! Descendants or Bastard Children of the Getty's "California Video" exhibit?

The Getty-commissioned website,, has allegedly been overthrown by a group of San Diego artists called “The Infinity Lab”. As an offshoot of the "California Video" exhibit currently on display at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, CA, the museum had created the "Video Revolutionaries" website as a way for emerging artists to "be a part of the video revolution." The top rated videos were promised a screening at the Getty’s "Fridays Off the 405" event. A monthly event held outdoors in the courtyard of the Getty Center. Part YouTube, part "American Idol," with this Video Revolutionaries website anyone could upload videos, and rate and view other videos. Anyone that was pre-screened by the website’s administrators and allowed on to the website. It was a video art extravaganza--until the contest was abruptly ended by the apparent onslaught of “cheaters”.

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