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extracts from the Viral Venture project

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Here are two short extracts from the Viral Venture project (2009) for demonstration purposes.

Viral Venture is a digital art projection (and/or ongoing installation) by the artist Joseph Nechvatal with a musical score by the composer Rhys Chatham.

The Viral Venture projection consists of Nechvatal's most recent artificial-life computer virus attacking his digital images. It acts in real time as modeled on the biological viral mode as programmed by Stephane Sikora in C++.

Rhys Chatham's score consists of his 2005 composition for 400 electric guitars, entitled A Crimson Grail, commissioned by Nuit Blanche. It was performed and recorded at the Sacré-Coeur Basilica in Paris. The score is looped so that the projection can run for an indefinite length of time without disruption.

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