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Philip Pearlstein

David Cohen's Decameron, and Joe Zito's Not Even the Saints Can Help

James Kalm is back on his bike for the 2010 season opener, and he starts this frenzy of activity by stopping in to pay tribute to David Cohen and his curatorial prowess at the historic New York Studio School. "Decameron" celebrates a decade of exhibitions by presenting some of the artist who have received recognition at the NYSS, including: Philip Pearlstein, Milton Resnick, Mernet Larsen, Graham Nickson, Sean Scully, Frances Barth, Rosemarie Beck, Thomas Nozkowski and many others. Trekking to Chelsea we visit "Not Even the Saints Can Help" the culmination of two years work by Joe Zito at Lennon, Weinberg Gallery. Inspired by the structure of a ships hull, Zito designed and built the wooden structure in his studio in Red Hook Brooklyn. This form was further extrapolated in a series of drawings, models and works on paper that approach single image abstraction.

Pearlstein/Held: Five Decades at BETTY CUNINGHAM

James Kalm proffers kudos to the curator who came up with the idea of juxtaposing the works of these two master painters. Philip Pearlstein and Al Held inhabited and influenced the historic flow of the “New York School”. This exhibition contrasts major works from different periods reflecting the various interests of the times. Includes an interview with Philip Pearlstein.

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