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My Letter From Enbridge: The Yes Men Strike Again!

March 15, 2011. I knew of the Alberta Tar Sands, and of the grave environmental dangers associated with extracting the oil and then transporting it, first through a pipeline that violates pristine forests in First Nation lands, and hence by tanker, through the vulnerable archipelago of northern British Columbia. I also knew the situation was already subject to the concerted resistance of various environmental and Native American activists, and that it had been targeted by the Yes Men for one of their inimitable interventions.

But it was not until receiving an email today, supposedly from Enbridge, that I realized I was witnessing a beautifully orchestrated campaign in which the Yes Men have doubly pranked Enbridge, first by generating a bogus "MyHairCares" campaign to sop up the expected oil spills - part of their "dummy" Enbridge website (the real one is - then by posing as the affronted oil giant to toss off an angry letter of complaint.

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