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Kal Spelletich

Kal Spelletich WHERE'S MY JETPACK? Jack Hanley Gallery, July 9 BBQ opening

Kal Spelletich
July 9th - August 12th, 2011
Opening Saturday, July 9th 6-8 PM. Beer + BBQ.

Jack Hanley.
136 watts street. new york 10013.
646 918 6824.

Where’s My Jetpack!? is a new art exhibit by San Francisco artist Kal Spelletich featuring machines, robots, jetpacks, video and photographs that takes place July 9 through August 12th at Jack Hanley Gallery in New York City. There’s an opening party on July 9 with beer and BBQ from 6-8pm, followed by a closing party on August 12th.

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