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Occupied Wall Street Journal, first issue, October 1, 2011

from Capital New York:

Amid all the complaints that there's an Occupy Wall Street media blackout, some protest-sympathizers have taken matters into their own hands.

Tomorrow, the rolling protest in the Financial District will have the first edition of its own broadsheet newspaper (and it's not, as previously reported, made by media pranksters The Yes Men, who make headlines punking major news outlets like the BBC).

The debut issue of The Occupy Wall Street Journal will hit the streets of New York on Saturday afternoon, one of its editors, Arun Gupta, told Capital. The maiden edition will be a four-page, 17-by 22-inch broadsheet with a print run of 75,000; 10,000 copies will be passed out at a rally at Liberty Plaza Saturday afternoon, and the rest will be distributed by hand at transit hubs and other well-trafficked public places around the five boroughs.

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