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Media Art Net 2: Key Topics


Media Art Net 2: Key Topics
Rudolf Frieling and Dieter Daniels (eds.), commissioned by Goethe-Institut and ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Springer Wien/New York 2005, Text: German/English, 320 pages, hard cover.

A hybrid book and web project in German and English. All the printed text plus images and extended project descriptions are available on the web site:

Key topics include: Sound and Image, Cyborg Bodies, Photo/Byte, Generative Tools, Art and Cinematography, Mapping and Text and Public Sphere_s with texts from Inke Arns, Josephine Bosma, Dieter Daniels, Steve Dietz, Rudolf Frieling, Susanne Holschbach, Tjark Ihmels/Julia Riedel, Verena Kuni, Gregor Stemmrich and Yvonne Volkart.

Jordan Crandall, Under Fire Vols. 1 & 2


Under Fire Vol 1&2
Jordan Crandall
Under Fire : The Organization and Representation of Violence. Vols. 1 & 2

Through a series of discussions about an array of issues--battle simulation techniques and news programming, democracy and violence, the privatization of the military, and militarized bodies--Jordan Crandall explores the organization and representation of contemporary armed conflict. Moderated by Crandall, Under Fire 1 & 2 is a compilation of a series of dialogues that occurred online in 2004 between artists, political scientists, critics, activists, and journalists around the central theme.

For more information and to purchase: Printed Matter.

Matthew Buckingham and Joachim Koester at The Kitchen


Matthew Buckingham and
Joachim Koester

Sandra of the Tuliphouse or
How to Live in a Free State

The Kitchen
512 West 19th Street, NYC
April 26 thru June 18
Tues - Sat, 12 - 6 pm

Five video projections that follow the fictional "Sandra" through the utopian community of Christiania in Copenhagen. With an outsider's perspective she engages in the daily activities of the city, interweaving historical and factual information. Scenes are projected on separate screens with their own isolated soundtrack letting viewers walk through the space constructing their own narrative with the freedom promised by Christiania itself.

Lecture by Richard Barbrook


The Thing at Postmasters and
the Institute for Distributed Creativity present:

Imaginary Futures
Dr. Richard Barbrook
Hypermedia Research Institute
University of Westminster, London (UK)

Richard Barbrook

6:30 pm
459 West 19th Street
New York City

Radiodays/Radio Patapoe


Radiodays is a temporary radio station. Realizing a 'listening exhibition' rethinks ways of art presentation. By using an auditive format, artistic works are presented successively within a space rather than simultaneously: they appear, disappear and reoccur. The choice of using the medium radio at the same time attempts to give a voice to an actual concern towards the auditorial found in many works by visual artists.

An alternative: Radio Patapoe

Interactive City: ISEA 2006 + Zero One San Jose Festival


ISEA 2006

April 22, 2005 is the deadline of the early call for proposals to Interactive City: ISEA 2006 + Zero One San Jose Festival, August 5-13, 2006.

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