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Transmediale: Reality Addicts



The theme for the next transmediale festival has been set. The first
flyer can be downloaded at:



3 - 7 February 2006

Orchestra of Anxiety


Orchestra of Anxiety

15 Sept - 24 Oct 2005, Watermans, 40 High Street, Brentford TW8 ODS, UK private view and performance: 15 Sept 2005, 6-8 pm Artist talk: 4th Oct, 2005 4pm

The Orchestra of Anxiety plays material from the fastest growing sector of the economy - the security industry...

On Disappearance. Loss of World; Escaping the World

Staehle at Dortmund

Wolfgang Staehle, Untitled, 6.9.-6.10.2001

__On Disappearance
__Loss of World; Escaping the World

Exhibition by Hartware MedienKunstVerein
at PHOENIX Halle Dortmund, Germany
in the framework of medien_kunst_netz dortmund

Rally in Bryant Park in NYC


With 28 days to go to the primary, we're stepping it up...and we need you to step up with us!

Tomorrow, Andrew Rasiej, Democratic candidate for Public Advocate, is holding a rally on Wednesday, August 17th at noon in Bryant Park--across from the headquarters of Verizon.

That's not a coincidence, as we're going to be unveiling a report documenting how badly the City's major Internet service providers (Verizon, TimeWarner and Cablevision) are gouging consumers - and how far they are going to buy off politicians to protect their scam.

Diane Ludin at Upgrade! August 4


Upgrade! is delighted to have Diane Ludin for a second talk. Diane gave her first Upgrade! talk in July 2000. This time, Diane will present two projects: Memoryflesh 2.0, a Turbulence commission about the Human Genome and iBPE, her Patent database project.

An artist and writer, Diane Ludin has been using the internet as a resource since 1996. She draws together voices of intimacy, confession and fragmented illusion. Her collections focus on the changing nature of "embodiment", representation and communication as determined by publicly available information.

The Reentry Series: Synthetic Meteor Showers by Bill Dolson


The Reentry Series:
Synthetic Meteor Showers

by Bill Dolson

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The Reentry Series uses multiple synthetic meteors to produce luminous, ephemeral drawings in the upper atmosphere. These drawings will persist for only seconds, at most minutes. The behavior of individual synthetic meteors will be similar to that of naturally occurring meteors. However their composition and configuration will be controlled, exhibiting various elementary geometric relationships which will seem obviously premeditated and systematic to any observer. That these are deliberate renderings will be inescapable. The Reentry Series is one of several proposed series of dynamic environmental works which involve the synthesis and aestheticised use of otherwise naturally occurring, very large scale, time dependent visual phenomena.

Pictures from the launch party, July 28, at Postmasters

Art Dirt Redux podcast

Heaven & Earth Foundation Launch Party


You are cordially invited to a party
in celebration of the launching of the
Heaven & Earth Foundation

and the new project on The Thing
"Studies for Synthetic Meteors" by Bill Dolson

Thursday, July 28th, 6:00 - 8:00pm
Postmasters Gallery
459 w. 19th St. NYC 10011

the thing new york vs. the american embassy (thursday, june 14, ziegelstrasse 20, 10117 berlin)


From: amerikanische botschaft

The following takes place between 11pm and 2am on the day of Wolfgang Staehle's visit to the American Embassy

For some reason I remember standing in a phone booth at a 76 Station in Palm Desert at nine-thirty on a Sunday night, late last August, waiting for a phone call from Blair, who was leaving for New York the next morning for three weeks to join her father on location. I was wearing jeans and a T-shirt and an old baggy argyle sweater and tennis shoes with no socks and my hair was unbrushed and I was smoking a cigarette. And from where I was standing, I could see a bus stop with four or five people sitting or standing under the fluorescent streetlights, waiting. There was a teenage boy, maybe fifteen, sixteen, who I thought was hitchhiking and I was feeling on edge and I wanted to tell the boy something, but the bus came and the boy got on. I was waiting in a phone booth with no door and the Day-Glo light was insistent and giving me a headache. A parade of ants marched across an empty yogurt cup that I put my cigarette out into. It was strange that night. There were three phone booths at this particular gas station on that Sunday night last August and each booth was being used. There was a young surfer in the booth next to mine in OP shorts and a yellow T-shirt with "MAUI" etched across it and I was pretty sure that he was waiting for the bus. I didn't think the surfer was talking to anyone; that he was pretending to be talking and that there was no one listening on the other end and all I could keep thinking about was is it better to pretend to talk than not talk at all and I kept remembering this night at Disneyland with Blair. The surfer kept looking over at me and I kept turning away, waiting for the phone to ring. A car pulled up with a license plate that read "GABSTOY" and a girl with a black Joan Jett haircut, probably Gabs, and her boyfriend, who was wearing a black Clash T-shirt, got out of the car, motor still running, and I could hear the strains of an old Squeeze song. I finished another cigarette and lit one more. Some of the ants were drowning in the yogurt. The bus came by. People got on. Nobody got off. And I kept thinking about that night at Disneyland and thinking about New Hampshire and about Blair and me breaking up.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: June 18 & 19, 2005


... mukul ... angie eng ... isea2006 ... ubermorgan ... soft cinema ...

p h o n e m e
(speak slowly after the tone)

sound work by mukul (ambientTV.NET), created while in residence at the thing, NYC, 1–21 june.

the work is part of an ongoing exploration of the sound of language.

voices: mohith keshava shastry and norika sky-sora

Jakob Boeskov Introduction to "Danes for Bush" Screening

Boeskov Ad

Jakob S. Boeskov introduces his film "Danes for Bush" at The Thing at Postmasters in New York City, June 16, 2005. Directed by Boeskov and Mads Brügger for Danish Television during the 2004 US election. campaign.


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