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Richard Serra Commencement Speech at Williams College, 2008


Richard Serra
If Not Now, When?

It means a great deal to me to receive an honorary doctorate from Williams College, because so many graduates from this institution have directly contributed to and supported my artistic life. I want to take a moment to mention a few before I get on with the address: Glenn Lowry, Kirk Varnedoe, Michael Govan, Tom Krens, Rusty Powell, Jack Lane and James Wood. When I think about it, it’s remarkable that this institution has had such an impact on the culture of this country.

Martha Trivizas interviews Joseph Nechvatal

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Martha Trivizas interviews Joseph NechvatalMartha Trivizas interviews Joseph Nechvatal

MT: What do you think of the writing trend in which the assumption is that of technology as being inseparable from us as human beings?

Notes for an Art School


A Conversation Between Boris Groys & Anton Vidokle
Art Beyond the Art Market

AV—Dear Boris, you recently mentioned to me that you left Russia in 1981, the same year that my family and I left. A couple of years before departing, I had started taking painting lessons at a private artist s studio in Moscow. There was a feeling of underground activity going on in this small class,in part because of its literally underground basement location, but also because of the style of painting we were taught—vaguely modernistic and slightly reminiscent of Cézanne. While this was more liberal than the methodologies of existing official art schools and academies, it was of course light years away from the advanced Conceptual art practices that started proliferating in the seventies and eighties in Moscow. Was there something like a school for this new type of work? Where did Moscow Conceptualists study?

The day when Ingmar Bergman called me at home

It was the day before Christmas Eve. It was snowing and Stockholm was a white bride waiting for the bells. I was in my apartament preparing Christmas food, the phone called and I answered a bit impatiently. Few people call 7 a' clock in the afternoon the day before Christmas Eve. It was Ingmar Bergman.

Dr. Sandra Olsen will appear on Time-Warner Cable's "Crossroads: Eye on the Arts" 7/2/07

Dr. Sandra Olsen will discuss Selections from the Permanent Collection: Her interview appear on Time-Warner Cable's "Crossroads: Eye on the Arts" 7/2/07 at 3 pm (ET).Dr. Sandra Olsen will discuss Selections from the Permanent Collection: Her interview appear on Time-Warner Cable's "Crossroads: Eye on the Arts" 7/2/07 at 3 pm (ET).UB Art Gallery Director Dr. Sandra Olsen will appear in a television interview on "Crossroads: Eye on the Arts," produced by James Braun. The show will air 3:00 p.m. (ET) on July 2nd. Dr. Olsen will discuss the history and mission of UB's permanent collection, which is housed at UB Anderson Gallery. Her interview will focus on the current summer exhibition, Selections from the Permanent Collection. The program will feature images from the show.

Catherine Perret in conversation with Joseph Nechvatal

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Catherine Perret: The most important contribution for art of the so-called New Technologies is that they introduce and/or let appear new process and forms of thinking. Is it possible to define them and their characteristics?

HACKED ::: High Tech Election Theft in America

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Q & A with Abbe DeLozier and Vickie Karp (Editors of "HACKED! High Tech Election Theft in America")

After nearly a year of effort, editors Abbe Waldman DeLozier and Vickie Karp have compiled an astounding and weighty treatise on the issue of electronic vote fraud, its implication to the loss of our democratic process, and why Americans must start TODAY to reclaim their elections.

The role of the later career New Media artist.

There were points in the early 90’s, when New Media was called Cyberarts, when I had not thought about the role fo the later sage New Media artist. What do I mean by this? When I speak of the later-stage New Media artist, I’m talking about the artist in their late 40’s or even 50’s who has a different set of experiences and skills than the 20-something who is whipping together amazing code-based works. It’s my belief that not only do their mental processes necessitate different practices, but their experiences provide a different civic responsibility for their utilization. However, this also necessitates a delicate statement to be made regarding the role of that artist in the creative process as well.

Art Dirt Redux: Interview with Luka Frelih


Luka Frelih Frida V.

GH talks with THING.residency artist Luka Frelih about his Frida V. project  using a computer-enabled bicycle to map open WIFI nodes in New York City.

Art Dirt Redux site with mp3 file

Mukul Patel: Speak Slowly after the Tone


On the telephone, artist Wolfgang Staehle stated that I should get out of the house, that we all should get out of the house. ‘It is a kind of exercise.’ He suggested a small gathering at 149 Ludlow. The ground floor was being prepped for a sound installation by THE THING residency artist Mukul Patel, and a table could be set centre to host 8 to 10 people, sipping on bouillabaisse.

It is a very grand idea, indeed, to have a dinner party and an installation simultaneously. I was there.

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