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Jack Burnham

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Unknown photographer, Photograph of Jack Burnham (exhibition curator). Reproduced in 'Software. Information Technology: Its New Meaning for Art', exhibition catalogue, The Jewish Museum, New York, 1970, p.10.
All Systems Go: Recovering Jack Burnham’s ‘Systems Aesthetics’
Luke Skrebowski
Tate Papers
Spring 2006

... As Pamela Lee has recently reminded us: ‘systems theory was applied to emerging forms of digital media ... but it also served to explain art not expressly associated with technology today: conceptual art and its linguistic propositions, site-specific work and its environmental dimensions, performance art and its mattering of real time, minimalism even.’


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my memory is leaking this plumber can't fix it
it's all going away
today this guy showed up on bloglines
and I thought

Oh, He's Back!

I had seen him before
a lot, I used to see him all the time
it meant I could not access something
and it was boring
I would reload and he would still be here
with his shoulders and tools
I hated that plumber and now he's back

My Bio for ISEA 2006 (unpublished)

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It is now July 2006, I was born on the 23rd of August 1958 in France. 30 years ago rock n roll music, me and others coalesced into a movement named Punk which died 2 years later having transformed me, others and the way folk culture is created and experienced. Less than 20 years after that the french hypermedia revue Pleine-Peau was started by me, others. They departed. I opened the first french blog ever in April 2000 again inviting others, it is still there at, with others and me currently working out a blueprint.

Space Alien Scrolls (on black)

Sure, I know you have all been wondering what was tying together Olia Lialina's latest works with Dragan Espenschied, you have all been waiting for an assessment and an explanation.

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