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img_assist|nid=1501|title=Bingyi opening reception|desc=The artists and UB fauclty members Bingyi and Tyrone Georgiou at the opening reception of The Dawns Here Are Quiet at UB Art Galleries from 4/19/07-5/19/07. photo: D.Steckler|link=none|align=left|width=0|height=0]BINGYI: THE DAWNS HERE ARE QUIET

HAUNTED SCREENS at UB Art Gallery, 3/29/07-5/19/07

Buffalo, N.Y. -- The UB Art Gallery is pleased to present Haunted Screens, a group exhibition featuring national and international artists that are working to deconstruct cinematic technologies. Participating artists include Zoe Beloff, Michael Bosworth, Diane Landry, Ed Pien, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Simon Penny, Siebren Versteeg, and Kara Walker.

In the spirit of proto-cinematic devices like magic lanterns and zoetropes, Haunted Screens features artwork that employs a variety of techniques—from the hand-drawn to pixel disintegration—to present a delirium of actual and implied movement. The phantasmagorias, silhouettes, and projections in this exhibition borrow from mysticism and folklore, the legacy of the African slave trade, and urban specters to conjure historical and magical apparitions that inhabit the contemporary mind.

Selections from the Permanent Collection of the UB Anderson Gallery

University at Buffalo Art Galleries: Gift of Rebecca Anderson, 1988: Joan Mitchell, "Ode To Joy, o/c, 1970-71, in "Selections from the Permanent Collection" of the UB ANDERSON GALLERYUniversity at Buffalo Art Galleries: Gift of Rebecca Anderson, 1988: Joan Mitchell, "Ode To Joy, o/c, 1970-71, in "Selections from the Permanent Collection" of the UB ANDERSON GALLERYBuffalo, N.Y., --The UB Anderson Gallery is pleased to present Selections from the Permanent Collection, an exhibition of important works from the gallery’s own collection, featuring artists Joan Mitchell, Anton Tapiés, Michael Goldberg, and Sam Francis.


Sol LeWitt has died

Sol LeWitt has died. Here's a permalink to the times article.



The Change You Want to See is thrilled to host author and activist Steve Duncombe for a presentation and discussion of his acclaimed manifesto "Dream: Re-imagining Progressive Politics in an Age of Fantasy”. Beyond talk, this is also an applied strategy session – irrigate the irrational, practice your “spectacular vernacular”, exercise your imagination as we craft a creative street action in support of the Coalition of Imakolee Workers' campaign against McDonald's.

BYOB encouraged, as brainstorm and beer are like butter and bread.

- - - - - -
Tuesday, March 27, at 7:30pm
The Change You Want to See Gallery and Convergence Stage
L to Bedford, G to Metropolitan, J/M/Z to Marcy
84 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn NY 11211 or
Directions at
- - - - - -

Rhizome art commission

This is Patrick May, the Director of Technology at Rhizome. I am writing to a number of leading arts and culture blogs to raise awareness of our Commissions program. The Commissions Program is one of Rhizome's most important activities, as it directly funds and promotes original works of new media art.

If this fits with the editorial policy for "", we hope you will share it with your readers. If you are an artist yourself, please consider submitting a proposal! The deadline for proposals is only two weeks away -- April 2, 2007.

Gordon Matta-Clark films at the Whitney

The Whitney is hosting a series of lectures about the work of Gordon Matta-Clark on March 29th. There's also a special showing of his films on April 5th. The Films reveal much of what Gordon was trying to get at. Some are simple documentations but even in those films there are fantastic associations and leaps of connections to experimental film makers. The films are very important and should not be missed. Tickets need to be purchased/reserved online here.

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Fr(iday), 16.03.07 (03/16/07): DJS Dreesen (Acido Records), SVN (Hjul)

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