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On Everything by Pall Thayer


On Everything
an art project by Pall Thayer

"On Everything" generates a real-time audio/visual presentation of
everything by appropriating material being shared by the worldwide
public in the form of shared images and diaries. The source material
is endless, thus the work goes on forever. Material is synthesized,
mixed and, ultimately, abstracted, to allow for varied

Art Dirt Redux: Interview with Marc Garrett


GH talks with Marc Garrett via Skype about and NODE.London.

Art Dirt Redux Marc Garrett interview part 1, part 2

A discussion of NODE.London from the New Media Curating

Time for Marching


John Lennon had it right; Television is the opiate of the masses.

Armenian Genocide


rantapod-021rantapod-021The internet is an information tool. It's also a mis-information tool. Some of the more gruesome kidnapping videos posted on the internet from Iraq may be faked. Politicians of every stripe see the internet as a tool for re-arranging the truth to make it more to their liking. In the environment of Bush Whitehouse demagoguery we are in a world of George Orwell 1984 style doublethink. In this realm are a whole host of White supremacists, Moslem fundamentalists, and genocide denial groups. One of the most insidious is the Turkish government which refuses to admit the Ottoman genocide against the Armenians. Since I am Armenian I know more about this than the average American. I grew up with stories from my grandmother and all the adults (I was raised in the Armenian community of Watertown, Massachusetts)about the Armenian Genocide. I happened upon a report by an American professor by the name of Justin A. McCarthy.Justin A. McCarthy, a Ph.D professor at the University of Louisville denies the Armenian genocide ever took place. Holocaust denial and genocide denial are increasingly tools of the power elite. Look at George Bush. He's perfected lying and denial to a high art.

Utopia Stories Mix Part 2


East German utopia stories from the 70's collected and converted into spoken words by Lars Loick. Music mixed by Joerg Lohse. Please enjoy.

Part 1
Part 2

Art Dirt Redux: Valery Grancher's Internet Paintings


GH talks to Valery Grancher via Skype about his Internet Paintings.

Art Dirt Redux website for the .mp3

Valery Grancher website

ArtCast at the Fleamarket discussing Debord


ArtCast logo

Barbara and Patrik bump into each other at the Fleamarket in Basel and talk about Situationism and the upcomming Guy Debord Film Festival.

go to the ArtCast website

Hush the morning speaks at night


                    The 1st of many... 

As I wait for the new material to filter in, I have decided to post a relaxed Sunday afternoon of personal recordings.  PLeAse eNjoy   

The Art of Whistling - DJ Papa


DJ Papa is an artist and DJ from Germany. He has been throwing parties in Duesseldorf over the last decade and most recently at Elektra in Cologne. His unmistakable style and adherence to a given theme makes his mix so
outstanding. Whistle....


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