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Nerve Theory's H5N1 Series

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Kunstradio, a radio art program of the ORF, Austria's national broadcaster, is featuring a weekly series of radio miniatures by Nerve Theory throughout 2006.

The series is called "H5N1: there is no privacy at the speed of light." Nerve Theory is the corporate identity of Bernhard Loibner and Tom Sherman.

Nerve Theory's latest work focuses on the bird flu virus, H5N1, and the hysteria surrounding the inevitable global influenza pandemic. Loibner and Sherman use the idea of the evolving, mutating H5N1 virus as a launching pad for a series of scary, strangely funny statements about the world we live in. Imagine a world where artists write and deliver the news. Loibner and Sherman are not scientists, but they are experts in observing and describing media viruses and a delivering broad spectrum of living, evolving ideas.

Podcast: Radio Noodles Revisits Backspace


London based experimental media centre 'Backspace' opened in 1996. Through its provision of web services for locals and enthusiasts it became a place frequented by artists and those wanting to experiment with the emerging internet technology. It closed in late December 1999 and is now a Starbucks coffee shop.

As part of Node-London a 'reanimating' of Backspace took place at the Starbucks on Sunday 5th March 2006.

Via Mute:

The Broadcast Cart, live at the Armory!


Ricardo Miranda, is touring the Armory with his Broadcast Cart.

Tune in Sunday Mar 12 from 3-6pm @

Public Broadcast Cart is a shopping cart outfitted with a dynamic microphone, a mixer, an amplifier, six speakers, a miniFM transmitter and a laptop with a wireless card. The audio captured by the microphone on the cart is fed through the mixer to three different broadcast sources. The mixer simultaneiously feeds the audio:

Net Aesthetics 2.0 MP3


Wolfgang Staehle, Empire 24/7
Wolfgang Staehle, Empire 24/7

Net Aesthetics 2.0

Download MP3 file of the panel from EAI

Good Vibrations 1


"Across-Offshoot" by Keiko Uenishi (o.blaat)

portrait of the artist 2

Across-Offshoot was recorded and broadcast by ORF radio in Vienna in April of 2005. In the words of the artist: it is an ‘acoustic laptop’ recording with radio and laptop computer interaction as pure sound.



a collaborative work of GH Hovagimyan & Renaud Courvoisier

DS-sound bit-uses recent internet search engines that employ sound to return an on-the-fly assembled sound montage created from a visitors search words. Two different bots are activiated; 1. a text-to-speech bot that matches news media headlines with the visitors input search criteria and then reads the headlines and, 2. an audio search engine that uses the visitors input to assemble sound clips from internet news and music files.

Margarida Garcia and Barry Weisblat


Billowy Drowse

by Margarida Garcia and Barry Weisblat

Five minutes of improvisation combining an electronic double bass and a modified Casio-SK1 synthesizer. As a duo, Margarida and Barry have developed a spontaneous language and a dynamic range that is all their own. She journeys with the bass and electronic pick-up with her fingers, bow, sticks, stones and anything else she finds fit, while he experiments with electro-magnetic devices, homemade circuits, and modifications to existing electronic instruments. The textures that emerge from their performance peel back the layers of air, knot them together, and then let them simply hang.

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