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Recipe for Downtown, LMCC

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council - Recipe for Downtown

What’s your recipe to change downtown? Lower Manhattan Cultural Council invited the public to spice up the pot by suggesting their “recipe” for the area south of 14th Street, be it anything from a design for a new public piazza to the instructions for making a new kind of pizza.

What we'll produce is a recipe book for downtown to be published using “just-in-time” printing by Dexter Sinister.

The book will be released at the Cities, Art and Recovery Book Launch. For more information including how to get a copy of this book, stay tuned to this page.

Primary and Other Remote Locations

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A project by Paula Poole and Brett Stalbaum.
Performed in Box Elder County Utah, USA, August 12-15 2K5

Natalie Jeremijenko at Postmasters

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September 7 - October 7, 2006
OOZ, Inc. [...for the birds]
Infrastructure and facilities for high-density bird cohabitation on the roof of Postmasters Gallery

with public housing projects by:
Aranda/Lasch + TerraSwarm
Leeser Architects
Materialab with Gensler+Gutierrez
OpenSource Architecture
SYSTEMarchitects llc

perch design: Phil Taylor
water systems designed by Fountainhead
landscape design consulting: Kate Bakewell
urban system consulting: LOOK/Laura Kurgan

Opening reception: Thursday , September 7, 6-8 pm

THING.residency: Locus Sonus Duplex Performance


THE THING would like to invite your face and body and voice to 11 Harrison Street, ground floor storefront gallery, RIVERFAWN, for the Manhattan interface of THE THING.residency: LOCUS SONUS DUPLEX PERFORMANCE. This is a special performance that will be live from the Roebling Bridge on the Delaware River and from the RIVERFAWN Gallery in New York City. You will be part of the performance!:

6pm –10pm Thursday August 24th
11 Harrison Street, ground floor*
New York City



OPEN CALL | LOCUS SONUS (French version below)
August 2006

Open Call to participate in the Locus Sonus Audio Streaming project !!

* This is a call from the French based Audio in art research group Locus Sonus to participate in their streamed soundscapes open web-mike project.

* Open an ogg audio stream from your home or garden (no pre-recorded playlists please) and become a remote member of the Locus Sonus orchestra.

The Cosmic War Dance of Sun Ra's Army


Aliens at Alex: Apocalypso: The Cosmic War Dance of Sun Ra's Army of Athropodial Transistors.

Aliens Am Alex: radio.territories urban intervention,

TV Tower, Alexanderplatz, Berlin On Air 95,2 FM

30.07.06 16:00 - 18:00 Livestream:

Peter Dennet, (UK), Darius James (USA/DE), Karl Heinz Jeron (DE)

Happy Bastille Day!

Dancing kitty from the collection of Tom Moody

Joseph Nechvatal: mOnstrOus hOax


Joseph Nechvatal invites you to regard his new series of works entitled mOnstrOus hOax here:

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