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A Simulation of Spring

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It's very strange to go into a 10 acre indoor space filled with living plants and full scale landscape designs. Here's a slide show in quicktime. It's one of those disjunctions that occurs with modern transportation and simulation. Here's a permalink to the NYTimes article. What's really bizarre is they talk about how the Men's Garden Club of Philadelphia created a simulation of an Irish village complete with a pub.

"More manly fantasies awaited. The enterprising Men’s Garden Club of Philadelphia has constructed a whole landscaped village street, with the requisite Irish pub. Burke Brothers Landscape Contractors created an idyllic putting green, antique-wheeled bag and clubs at the ready. I leaned in to examine the thoughtfully labeled cranberry cotoneaster and heard what sounded like a long, loud burp. The intent, apparently, was to replicate the swish of a golf swing and the sound of a disturbed frog."

It shall not pass!

> I mean you can't make this stuff up!!

I hearby announce that I am going to war w/ this particular phrase.

& yes, I know it's current right now, & what it means, & how it's used, however despite my distaste for the practice of taking slang or pop phrases literally, I can't help it -- this one makes my fingernails itch, my hair curl, & my face hurt.

It is the cynosure of the contemporary trend to deprivilege creativity. It is part & parcel of the mind-killing tropes of confusing information w/ intellect, & reference w/ vision.

Who "can't make it up"? You (whoever) certainly aren't talking to me. I could easily make up such a thing (tho I wouldn't) & if you (whoever) liked that then you'll love the millions of far better scenarios inhabiting the realm of Fiction.

I am already living in a world w/ more of what I despise than ever. I'm not going to take this one. I will not stand for invention being reduced to something for the R&D dept or the Patent Office. I will not stand for the enhancement of fact which becomes coercive advertisement instead of Lore. I will not stand for those incapable of generative cognition telling me that I too suffer from such a malady.

I can make up a lot of stuff. I can make up a world not doomed to the creeping death of orchestrated stupidity. Regrettably such a construct, projected beyond my own skull, is a tenuous proposition at best.


Oh, Jesus Christ!

Well I agree with you about the de-privileging of creativity. I think you focused on that phrase to start a larger discussion. The trouble is that I view your passionate discourse as an attack on me.

The larger discussion is whether or not a 10 acre flower show has anything to do with art. I look at is as a strange exercise in the creative banal (with a tip of the hat to Jean Baudrillard).

If you read my piece on the market you might begin to get a sense of what I am feeling around for. Why don't you prepare a piece that looks at the art world and inspires us all.

I did remove the offending line, "you can't make this stuff up!!" Now you'll have to write a full article on the trends on the art world without getting peeved at that phrase!!
Wait a minute, where did I put that phrase, it was here a minute ago and now it's disappeared. Shit! it must be around here someplace. What did I do with it?