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Daytrip to the MET

Maria Joao and I took a short trip to the MET today. Its always been one of my favorite places in New York City. For the most part just paintings and sculptures. I think the Dan Flavin piece was the only thing plugged in. We went primarily to see the Neo Rauch "PARA" show.

Die Fuge (The Fugue/The Gap), 2007

Overall his paintings were pretty cool but definitely not as well executed as his earlier work. Over all he is a great painter. I was a disappointed by the massive Frank Stella on the roof.
Chinese Pavilion, 2007, while grand in scale but didn't really fit up there. Some heavy looking sculpture to compete with the Richard Serra down the street at MoMA I guess, carbon fiber...ha. There were actually two other stainless steel pieces up there too but I'm not even going to mention them. Kinda had the feeling of lets put some stuff on the roof...... The New Greek and Roman Galleries are very nice and well thought out always reminding us that all great creative nations fall. There was this wonderful light coming in from the skylights that worked perfectly in relation to the Lewitt and Ryman pieces. There is something about white. Its never really white.

After that we went for a nice walk through central park then down to Dumbo Brooklyn for a Bocce Ball game. A perfect day.

Who cleans it?

Looking at the Sol Lewitt sculpture the only thing I can think is,"what a nightmare that must be to dust!"
I wonder how many times a week it gets cleaned. which brings up a larger question, Are there art maintenance crews that move through the met at regular intervals and dust all the paintings and sculpture? Are they bonded or are they recent immigrants and low wage workers?

RE: Who cleans it?

I was thinking the same thing. Who cleans all of it is the real question. Its a pretty big place?