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I'm pleased to announce that several videos from rantapod
will be included in the Pocket Films Festival at the Pompidou
Center in Paris, June 13, 14, 15. Several rantapod videos will be
made available for download via bluetooth at the center during the
festival. Here's the website for the festival

I've put up a video project called Assembled Cinema. The piece is a
series of separate video clips on a video server set to random
select. The "movie" is created by random selection. There is no
beginning or end to the narrative. The work is encoded with mp4 video
h264. It can be viewed with a quicktime player by using the open URL

The quicktime player can be enlarged to full screen.

the anxiety flickers

Hola g.h.

Really enjoyed the disaster in Manhattan at play.
Way better than Cloverfield and by the looks of it
much cheaper to make.