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The Plot Thickens

The Plot thickens.

I’ve now been asked by Jim Rutman from Sterling Lord Literistic Inc. to remove the Dave Hickey lecture videos. I have no idea who Jim Rutman is, or what his relationship to Dave Hickey is, but I am taking this all under advisement. I still intend to write Mr. Hickey a letter regarding this matter. Mr. Rutman's letter appears below.

Dima sent you a message.

Subject: Hickey lecture

Dear Loren Munk,

It's wonderful that you thought enough of Dave Hickey's Sept. 17 lecture to post on your page. But I'm afraid that this requires permission he never granted, and the presentation was not prepared with any kind of additional dissemination in mind. Though it may seem churlish, we must ask that you take it down right away. Thank you for your cooperation.


Jim Rutman
Sterling Lord Literistic, Inc.
65 Bleecker St.
NY, NY 10012


Ooh, he used "churlish" in a sentence.