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Dave Hickey

The Plot Thickens

The Plot thickens.

I’ve now been asked by Jim Rutman from Sterling Lord Literistic Inc. to remove the Dave Hickey lecture videos. I have no idea who Jim Rutman is, or what his relationship to Dave Hickey is, but I am taking this all under advisement. I still intend to write Mr. Hickey a letter regarding this matter. Mr. Rutman's letter appears below.

ATTENTION!! We Control Your Internets!!

I just received the following letter from Michael Grant asking me to remove video recordings that I made at the September 17th lecture of Dave Hickey at the SVA Theater and posted on my internet network. I have no desire to employ a cadre of lawyers to sort this out, but it strikes me as extremely ironic that one of New York’s most prestigious and “progressive” institutions of higher art education is, through some misguided desire of control and artistic suppression, actually seeking to destroy works of art.

We’re entering a new age, and as I’ve stated before, I believe the Kalm Report to be an art project that melds reportage, documentation, performance and art criticism. Fittingly, Dave Hickey states in this lecture that “if I saw the new art, I probably wouldn’t like it, I’m too old”. Seems to me that SVA needs to “get young” too.

No Country for Old Art Critics

Dave Hickey "The Good Ennui" at SVA Part I:

I made a point of being in the audience for Dave Hickey’s latest lecture at the School of Visual Arts. I love Hickey and try to see all his local appearances. After video recording most of the talk, editing it and posting it at my facebook page I spent the next evening watching the Coen Brother’s “No Country for Old Men”. It dawned on me that despite Hickey’s ultra coolness, there’s a shared appeal between himself and Tommy Lee Jones’ grizzled Sheriff Ed Tom Bell.

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