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Martin Wong: Everything Must Go, P.P.O.W. Gallery

James Kalm pays a heartfelt tribute to one of the legendary artists of the East Village. From 1978 to 1987, a sleazy rundown neighborhood on the butt of Downtown Manhattan became the most exciting and controversial battleground in the art world struggles. A cadre of whacked-out disenfranchised artists, using their own wits and energy, grabbed the international spotlight and for a brief skuzzy moment, changed the course of history.

Martin Wong was an essential character within that milieu and it is fitting that on the tenth anniversary of his death this retrospective of his work is presented. Hopefully, this show will introduce more young artists to his unique vision. Includes an interview with well-known East Village chronicler, Carlo McCormick and Tom Warren.

Martin Wong

P.K. CYPHERS I included Martin in a group show I curated at Ground Zero in the East Village ..."Text/Texture". He was so talented, and wild, and an amazing painter.