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On Display Curated by Hrag Vartanian at STOREFRONT GALLERY

James Kalm is back in Bushwick to visit "On Display" an exhibition selected by Time Out New York as the best painting show of the week. Curated by Hrag Vartanian, Publisher of Hyperallergic, and featuring Sharon Butler, Joy Curtis and Cathy Nan Quinlan. These artists share a sensibility of fractured formalism. Employing received norms of abstraction they cut and reassemble elements into crisp and startling compositions. Includes interviews with Hrag Vartanian, Sharon Butler and Joy Curtis.

Exhibition Listing on the Storefront website

"On Display" Listing on the Storefront website:

August 6-August 22, 2010

Opening: Friday, August 6, 6 - 9 PM

STOREFRONT (16 Wilson Avenue, Brooklyn) is pleased to announce the opening of On Display, a three-person exhibition curated by Hrag Vartanian featuring paintings by Sharon Butler and Cathy Nan Quinlan with sculptural objects by Joy Curtis. An opening reception for the artists will be Friday, August 6 from 6-9PM. A full-color catalogue with essays by Butler, Curtis, Quinlan, Vartanian accompanies the exhibition. Storefront is open weekends 1-6PM or by appointment by calling 646-361-8512.

On Display offers three challenging new perspectives on abstraction. Each artist employs familiar forms, but in different and idiosyncratic ways. Their work thus embodies an inventive and wide-ranging exploration of crucial elements of visual language: framing, illusion, and ultimately imperfection.

Sharon Butler's paintings embrace the slightly off-kilterl, the not-quite-right, the un-straight line, discordant color, and awkwardly placed shapes. "Uncertainty and doubt are central to my painting practice-I've learned to respect the tentative and contingent." Butler blogs at Two Coats of Paint, writes for The Brooklyn Rail, and is a professor in the art department at Eastern Connecticut State University. She divides her time between New York City and Mystic, her hometown in Connecticut.

Joy Curtis' sculptures explore bad form and anxious psychological space. The familiar, the irrational, the discarded, and the imperfect particularly intrigue her. Her recent solo shows include exhibitions at Klaus Von Nichtsaggend, and "Amphibological Displays" at HQ, both in Brooklyn, NY. Curtis' work has been in many group exhibitions in New York and Los Angeles, including shows at CRG, Lehmann Maupin, Triple Candie, and Workspace.

Cathy Nan Quinlan's paintings crosshatch, separate and reintroduce pictorial space. "Every so often, standing at the easel, I say to myself, about myself, 'She paints like an angel.' Slightly more frequently, I think the painting is shit and say, like Faust, 'I am a wretched fool and still no wiser than before.'" Quinlan is a passionate cook, founder of The Temporary Museum, author of The Platonic Solids, sometime art critic (The Brooklyn Rail and Artcritical) and co-writer with Su Friedrich of the film Hide and Seek (1996). Quinlan lives in Brooklyn.

Hrag Vartanian is a Brooklyn-based writer, blogger, and cultural worker. He edits the art blogazine Hyperallergic.