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I saw A SoaPOPera for iMacs

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Hey, I saw this show too and it was great. Except I thought it should have occupied the whole space of the Galerie du Jeu de Paume instead of coupling it with a truly misplaced thingy (can't call this an exhibition really) about Charlie Chaplin. I hope the Galerie never indulges again in such audience seeking excesses, Chaplin was drawing lots of people indeed.

Anyway, as I was leaving, went out the door and I said to my wife "we did not see the piece by GH!" she looked at me, a bit exhausted because she had been carrying our baby Jules and said I could always try to go back, the cashier girl let me back in and baby and wife followed, she had told me the piece was somewhere in the middle of the stairs which indeed we had not used preferring the lift cause of Jules, you see. It looked great, those computers were going yakety yak when we entered the room.

There were signs there that said that visitors should not talk around this piece because it was triggered by voice, so, yeah, I immediatly shouted "stop" and, yeah, the toupeed macs stopped talking. Wow. The wife looked a bit nervous cause I had perhaps broken the piece and GH and Peter would have to be flown back to France just to repair it or whatever they call fixing those things. That was tres cool although I now knew that I had to find a way to start the piece again, I forgot what I said but it was not "start", still it worked. Veronique was too shy to talk to the machines so she whispered commands in my ear for me to shout at the plastic. After a while we began to understand how the piece functioned, it would have restarted by itself, we found out. When the toupeed have nothing to reply to what they heard they just wait and randomly talk again. the words are displayed on top of the screens. talk triggers talk, etc
I thought it was very clever and we had great fun with it.