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Buster Keaton

murphblog: Wednesday, August 20, 2008

While my room in "the first crackhouse on the left" isn't quite this gloomy (or big) and there are no pets to welcome me home, it's just about as bare. Buster Keaton stars in this clip from Beckett's 1964 screenplay, "Film":

“Kunst muss hangen!” – Basel Pesto

Upon my return from Miami Basel, I have a bad morning dream, a common one for art historians. I am preparing to participate in a panel discussion... the chair, a friendly man I know slightly (who was he?), approaches me as everyone readies: "Where are your slides?" he asks. I have none. And no notes. I don't even know the topic. "I thought this was an informal colloquium kind of thing," I reply.

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