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Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons / David Byrne talking, summer 1975

shot by Jamie Dalglish at 52 Bond Street, New York

Skin Fruit at the NEW MUSEUM Part II

Skin Fruit at the NEW MUSEUM Part I

Normally James Kalm would have been present for the press preview at this exhibition's opening. Unfortunately, due to assignments overseas, your reporter was out of town. To try and fulfill his mission of bringing viewers the latest in arts happenings in New York, Kalm slips into the show and tries to document a walk through on the DL (down low). A vigilant docent catches him with his camera on.

New Museum, Old Oligarchy

December 26, 2009. In the wake of the New Museum's announcement of a controversial exhibition drawn solely from the extensive collection of billionaire Dakis Joannou, one of their trustees and founder of the Deste Foundation in Athens, and slated to be curated by artist Jeff Koons, who is heavily represented in that very collection and who is a close personal friend of Joannou, there has been a glut of commentary both pro and con. Mostly con.

Many resent the obvious conflicts of interest and the elitist monopolization of the finite resources of the art world by just a few players, who strive to dominate, manipulate and benefit their own interests to the exclusion of all others. Many find this cronyism quite reprehensible, and feel it represents "business as usual" at the New Museum, entrenched abuses of power and privilege that the current "Joannou-gate" has merely made more glaring.

Jeff the First, the new Sun King, and his courtiers

In my previous post on Paul McCarthy's huge, inflatable sculpture running amok, I referenced the rabbit balloon by Jeff Koons that was in last year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. The original stainless steel Rabbit (1986) that it was modeled after will soon be the centerpiece of a Koons exhibition at Versailles, in both the château and its surrounding gardens, to run from September 10 through December 14.

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