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Hippie Movie at MoMA

Film Screenings & Events
The End of the Remake Trilogy

Blow Up, Stroll On

2006. Great Britain/USA. Directed by Christoph Draeger. A video remake of the club scene in Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1966 film Blow Up. 3 min.

My Generation

Black Zero by Aldo Tambellini

Performa09, White Box and THE THING present

Black Zero by Aldo Tambellini and Group Center (1965-1968)
featuring Aldo Tambellini (projections), William Parker (music), Ben Morea (noise machine), Maggie Clapis and the voice of Calvin C. Hernton (poet)

A project by Christoph Draeger

November 22 , 6 p.m.
White Box, New York

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