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Nietzsche et le Palimpseste de l’Odyssée – L’acte créatif : « l’éternelle joie du devenir »


cyclOps pOlyphemuscyclOps pOlyphemus
Nietzsche et le Palimpseste de l’Odyssée – L’acte créatif : « l’éternelle joie du devenir » @ CUBE REVIEW #5 / ‘CREATIVITY’ (VO English text)

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Punctum Books/Records : Minóy


Punctum Books/Records : MinóyPunctum Books/Records : Minóy

The Minóy book from punctum books with CD & cassette from punctum records

Minóy as Haint as King Lear by Maya Eidolon

Film-makers’ Cooperative 8th Benefit Concert & Art Auction, Tues 9/17/2013, 7 PM, Santos Party Lounge, 96 Lafayette St, NYC

The Film-Makers’ Cooperative is pleased to announce:

The 8th Annual Music and Film Benefit
at Santos Party House

Includes amazing art works for auction.

For this year’s benefit, the Coop will feature a host of talented and renowned artists & musicians.

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013
Santos Party House
96 Lafayette St., below Canal St.
doors open 7 PM

Tickets $35


XFR STN (Transfer Station) at the New Museum / text document


XFR STN (Transfer Station)XFR STN (Transfer Station)
XFR STN (Transfer Station)
My and other Colab artists texts documenting the XFR STN project/show at the New Museum @'Texts_pdf.pdf
XFR STN opened at the New Museum with a General Assembly Thursday, July 18, 2013

Machinarium in Rio

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Viral Venture in MachinariumViral Venture in Machinarium

A photo of Viral Venture in Machinarium @ Rio de Janeiro
Viral Venture is a digital art projection (and/or ongoing installation) by the artist Joseph Nechvatal with a musical score by the composer Rhys Chatham and with biological viral programing by Stephane Sikora.

Surfing with Satoshi

Watch inspector Clouseau looking for Satoshi Nakomoto in the new Alterazioni Video caper at Greene Naftali's "Freak Out" summer show. Filmed in Puerto Rico in February 2013, with Eric Banks, Detective Snyder, Andrea Sassi, Camila Yari and Wolfgang Staehle.

Immersion Into Noise at the Biennale di Venezia 55


Luigi Russolo noise manifesto 1913Luigi Russolo noise manifesto 1913

Here is a video announcing the group show I will be in - based on my book "Immersion Into Noise" - at the Biennale di Venezia 55

First Tumblr Art Symposium

This could be good. It's at 319 Scholes.

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