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Who Owns Art History?

The following are brief excerpts from a Facebook dialog that’s taken place over the last four days on the Loren J. Munk page. The impetus of the original post was a demand received through YouTube from a supposed dealer, who threatens “getting ugly” if his demands aren’t met. This subject seems like prime territory for the investigation of “New Media” and some of its implications. Thanks here to those who contributed. I’ve edited due to space limits, but tried to capture the general tone.


Mon, 7/02, 5-7, Gramercy/ SVA GALLERY 209 E 23/ Abstract Nature curated by Richard Brooks w/ Hee Soo Kim + June Young Lim.

Mon, 7/02, 6-8, Chelsea/ SIKEMMA JENKINS 530 W 22/ Marc Handelman, Kara Walker, Janaina Tschape, Vik Muniz, Arturo Herrera {recommended}

Mon, 7/02, 6-9, Chelsea/ POINT OF VIEW GALLERY 638 W 28/ Matt Hoyle

Tue, 7/03, 7-9, Lower East/ MAX FISH 178 Ludlow/ Art For Bars: Southeastern Wisconsin w/ Drew Malcolm, Bradley Warsh + Vitamin DD Girls

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