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Beuys Does Roger Daltry


Joseph Beuys SingsJasper Johns did an episode of The Simpsons and Andy Warhol did commercials for Japanese electronics so why shouldn't Joseph Beuys sing pop songs?

Here's why.

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Radiodays/Radio Patapoe


Radiodays is a temporary radio station. Realizing a 'listening exhibition' rethinks ways of art presentation. By using an auditive format, artistic works are presented successively within a space rather than simultaneously: they appear, disappear and reoccur. The choice of using the medium radio at the same time attempts to give a voice to an actual concern towards the auditorial found in many works by visual artists.

An alternative: Radio Patapoe stats graph


stat summary

Above is the latest (as of this posting) graph of stats. A big shout out to Pakistan and Italy! And our buddy France is back!

We're working on a new drupal site and it should be up soon with all that entails. I'm back in NYC 4/12/05 if one happens to want to buy me a drink. Keep the faith.

Interactive City: ISEA 2006 + Zero One San Jose Festival


ISEA 2006

April 22, 2005 is the deadline of the early call for proposals to Interactive City: ISEA 2006 + Zero One San Jose Festival, August 5-13, 2006.

GH Goes To Greenpoint


Drinkin' & Drawin'
GH continues his Art Dirt Redux special investigation of indiginous American art forms, traveling to the sleepy hamlet of Greenpoint, Brooklyn to podcast with the locals as they gather for their annual Drinkin' & Drawin' Competition. There he chats with the town's hedge fund statistician and discusses local marriage rituals with the competition judges (photo above courtesy MTAA).

Art Dirt Redux goes to Greenpoint

Surveillence photos of the event by Regional Homeland Security Agents MTAA.

Klaus Nomi Remix


Klaus Nomi
Electronic Dance Music pioneer Man Parrish has remixed Klaus Nomi's classic Total Eclipse.

sample mp3

If you can remember the 'eighties you're probably trying to make a buck off them.

The Nomi Song trailer

Greater New York 2005


Greater New York

Art Dirt Redux visits Greater New York at PS1. The long version captures our comments and small talk as we walk around. The short version is an edited remix of that by GH.

My Doomsday Weapon by Jakob Boeskov


Doomsday Weapon
Tales from the travels of a
GPS weapon by Jakob Boeskov.