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Push Bush Out No Global Radio Actions

Push Bush Out - Rome No Global

:: Push BUSH out! ::
June 9th 07 :: No War & No Bush Day

Against Bush and against the multilateral war of Prodi government "You’re scared, you’re damn scared, you’ll be scared, you’ll be scared to death!"

A careful listener of the words from the texan thief - better known as georgdabbliù Bush - is able to catch this always silent, always untold, but at the same time always spoken subtext. The texan psychopath has a bunch of partners speaking the same language. Sarko, for example, never stops reminding French people that they have to be scared, scared of banlieues, scared of the "racaille". The "comrades" of the Pd learnt the lesson as well: "we are all terribly afraid of gipsies, of prostitutes, of migrants"; it seems that there is only one complaint to be known.

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