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no more waiting for verizon


what does it take to turn a

  • G3
  • pcmcia-pci adapter
  • wireless pcmcia card
  • ubuntu-breezy live cd-r

into a

  • wireless gateway to the open hotspot
    on the other side of the street

you ask?


Rejected iDC post


 Trebor Scholz said this was an announcement and rejected it from the iDC list. I say it was my polite response to Julian Bleecker's insulting post. Isn't it odd that THE THING is willing to do the work of academia then gets shot down for it?

In essence Bleecker was giving the old Andrea Fraser excuse for working in what he calls "the blob", which is the military/education/entertainment complex -- that it's everywhere and all of us.

*Bits*Atoms*Neurons*Genes* (b*a*n*g lab)

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 *Bits*Atoms*Neurons*Genes* (b*a*n*g lab)

Culture Politics as Usual


Seems the Death Star has met its match:

The Final Days of AT&T 

We're all moved in and expecting two more resident artists to join Jan Gerber this week. In the meantime it's culture politics as usual in Lower Manhattan as you can read in the text below. Lots of promises and no money:

October 31, 2005

Coming Soon To A Theater Near You


United We Stand - Europe Has A Mission

Pictures on Ludlow Street by Jee Won Kim 



In November and December 2005 the 0100101110101101 crew will be in residence at THE THING's new space in the Death Star building in Tribeca. 

The Thing enters the Death Star


death star entrance
Never before seen pictures inside the Death Star:
More Pix from tinjail 

Even buildings that were at the heart of old telecommunications technology, such as AT&T's onetime manual switching center at 32 Avenue of the Americas, at Walker Street, are being adapted to new technology. The building has been purchased by the Rudin family, which is adapting it for use by companies like MCI WorldCom and Qwest.

While a new generation of equipment will be installed upstairs at the old switching center, the landmarked lobby will retain the 1932 murals and the declaration that ''Telephone wires and radio unite to make neighbors of nations.''

Confessions of a Wal-Mart Hit Man

Confessions of a Wal-Mart Hit Man
Confessions of a Wal-Mart Hit Man -- blogger call invite 

Robert Greenwald's (Outfoxed) new documentary, "Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price" will premiere in NYC & LA theaters on Nov. 4th and will expand wide on November 13th to over 3,000 screenings nationwide in churches, colleges, and living rooms in the largest grassroots mobilization in movie history.

In making the film, we were fortunate enough to meet numerous former Wal-Mart store managers, including Weldon Nicholson, a whistleblower whose stories are so compelling that we made a special video,"Confessions of a Wal-Mart Hit Man" and are releasing it exclusively to the blogging community.

In addition, we'd like to invite you to a special blogger conference call this Wednesday at 8pm ET with Mr. Nicholson and producer/director Robert Greenwald.  

What: Blogger conference call
When: Wed, Oct. 19th 8pm ET, 5pm PT
Who: Weldon Nicholson and Robert Greenwald

RSVP by emailing, and I will give you the call-in information.

SPECFLIC 1.0 * Speculative Distributed Cinema

SPECFLIC 1.0 * Speculative Distributed Cinema
Public Launch October 28th, 2005

Pre-show 8pm, main event 9pm-midnight
Calit2 Courtyard, UCSD Campus

Langlois Workshops Online

Yvonne Spielmann Workshops
Workshops with Professor Yvonne Spielmann (Ph.D.) Online

The Daniel Langlois Foundation in Montreal is pleased to provide online access to a pedagogical document recounting the history of experimental video and electronic and digital imaging. This document includes excerpts from a three-day workshop given by Professor Yvonne Spielmann (Ph.D.), which was held at the Foundation's Centre for Research and Documentation (CR+D) from September 29 to October 1, 2004. It also contains excerpts of works by artists such as Steina and Woody Vasulka, Bill Etra, Dan Sandin, John F. Simon Jr. and Granular Synthesis:
Daniel Langlois Foundation

A Matter of Time


A Matter of Time

This Summer has been an interesting and difficult one for me.  I think there are only two seasons, Summer and Winter with a two week buffer on either end where the weather is temperate.  Indeed, buried under our collective sense of time there’s a natural rhythm of the season’s that marks the passage of time.  Climatologists are now predicting that the transition points where the Earth’s axis shifts towards and away from the Sun will be the occasion for highly disruptive storms as a consequence of global warming.  

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