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Punishment Park


... In March 1974, at an American state college, some of the faculty became very angry following a showing of Punishment Park to students. One teacher began calling out: "The film is a distortion... you are adolescent, Mr. Watkins! Where have you been all the time? You feel such anguish. We feel so sorry for you - don't you know that man has always behaved like this, ever since he crawled out of the cave and began using a club?" This teacher, a professor of Romantic Literature, became more and more angry as he shouted: "And what will happen? You and I will be shouting at each other, on our different sides of the room, becoming more and more violent..." Another teacher admitted that a "fantasy" of his was that Richard Nixon might seize arbitrary control of the country with the armed forces, before his senate trial. But, the teacher cried out: "I would never inflict that fantasy on others! I don't think you should deal with the future like this, you shouldn't talk about the future... you shouldn't inflict others with your feelings about the future..." A little later, this teacher left the room.

InSite_05 brochure = game = terrorism (Part 2)

dear inSiters:
hopefully this letter would have been just to say hi to you and send best wishes, unfortunately there are as well other reasons i am writing this for:

Airport Insecurity


While the government wants you to believe that increased protection and reduced rights are necessary to protect you from terrorism, the effectiveness of airport security practices is uncertain. You can play this game at 138 featured U.S. airports.

Airport Insecurity allows you to explore these issues in context: the game's rules are based on government reports about airport security practices since 2002. Players are encouraged to play the game while waiting in line at airport security.

THE THING, Death Star, December 2, 2005


Pictures from the Death Star, December 2, 2005

Death Star 4



About NYU Strike



Teaching assistants at NYU conducted a union drive in 1999-2000, won an election, and affiliated with the United Auto Workers (in a local that also includes other educational professionals in NYC such as Museum of  Modern Art and New York Historical Society employees). The NYU administration fought hard against the union but was ultimately forced to recognize and negotiate with it by the National Labor Relations Board. There  followed a 3 year contract that brought the teaching assistants health benefits and a stipend increase. During  this time the university ran quite smoothly.

InSite_05 brochure = terrorism = deportation

Dear Students,

In case you were not there when I announced in class.
I will be out of towns till this Tuesday Nov 29 but will be around Thursday Nov 31 to help with your final projects.  I would also like to apologize for missing class Tuesday this week--I had every intention of going after picking my husband up at the airport but my husband was detained by Homeland Security, interrogated by the FBI, kept in a detention center in Aurora overnight, and deported to Mexico the next day at the Denver airport--probably because they found a brochure in his luggage about the border art festival we were in in San Diego/Tijuana which seemed to them a terrorist organization..I had to spend the last few days talking to lawyers, an activity which I assume will become a regular part of my life for a while...Anyways Happy Thanksgiving and see you next week.

What was Dada? Why is there a Dada Archive? And why, of all places, is it in Iowa?

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Some people over the World are concerned by the Paris riots and some cars burning, I can tell you that everything was always in order, all this was not happening in Paris but in the suburbs where the poor are conveniently located with the poor. In Paris all the rage is about the Dada exhibition at the Pompidou Center, you see Dada was such a revolutionary Art movement from way back, they say.

And it was. At least I was sure of it before seeing this exhibition which is an archetypal example of curatorial ineptitude. No attempt is made to convey the ebullient, lively and volcanic genius of the chaos developed under the non-sensical name of dada. In fact the determination of the curators to circumvent the shambolic bleeding heart of the dada critique is unavoidable as they have systematically laid their lacklustre show within a 3D grid. The 6th floor of the Pompidou is cut into small adjoining cubic boxes which as well as having a map-like reference such as A3 for the "social critique" box provide no relief in their vertical juxtaposition of professionally framed oeuvres. The effect of this perfectly laid out gentrification culminates as the curators seem so proud of the extensivity of their collection that they pin under glass seemingly every single bit of paper ever produced by every Dadaist and their uncle. Thousands of notes, drafts, leaflets are tamingly assembled as so many dead butterflies by an obsessive kid dumbed by his fetishism, blinded from beauty and feeling.



Chapter 3, verses 6-9

As the sun reached it's zenith on the seventh day the mountains did quake and Rob crieth out, 'Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani'?

But help cometh not from above, nor from the right or left. Cometh it not from the fires of Sheol. It cometh not from the Rockerfeller Foundation. Neither from the Ford. It cometh not from grass roots funding agencies nor from the National Endowment for the Arts. It cometh not from PBS, NBC, CNN nor from the Disney channel. And as the silence of the grants filled the heavens with emptiness the prophet became sorely vexed. Robin wept.

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