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Steal This Film Part2

From our friends at Pirate Cinema, Oil of the 21st Century and the League of Noble Peers, here's the final release of "Steal This Film, Part 2":

steal it

pass it on.
show it in your classroom.



Happy New Year, Mr. Orwell


Constitutional complaint filed against German Telecomms Data Retention Act (2007-12-31)

Taxonomies of Intellectual Property

A List of Quasi Things

A workshop about the development of a mapping tool for a list of quasi things. Kobe Matthys of Agency invites Peggy Pierrot and Philippe Rivière.

Saturday, December 8, 2007, 3 pm - 8 pm: Workshop
Saturday, December 8, 2007, 9 pm - late: Bar
Sunday, December 9, 2007, 3 pm - 8 pm: Workshop

Wiederaufbau für Kreditanstalt
Mauerstraße 68, Ecke Leipziger

"One Day We Will All Say The Same Thing"


A project by Adina Popescu in collaboration with PS1 Radio.
Production: Dominikus Müller & Jette Miller

This show was broadcasted June 8, 2007 on the PS1 Radio Boat in Venice at the opening of the Venice biennale.


Conference organizer fails to have Yes Men arrested

June 14, 2007


Text of speech, photos, video:
GO-EXPO statement:
Press conference before this event, Friday, Calgary:

"One Day We Will All Say The Same Thing.."

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"One Day We Will All Say The Same Thing.."
Simon Goldin & Jakob Senneby

A Project by Adina Popescu in collaboration with W PS1 Radio
Production: Dominikus Mueller

Bartalev Sergey Aleksandrovich
Mircea Cantor
Mikhail Kotomin
Pavel Pepperstein
Wolfgang Staehle

title: 00:49:06:19


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Fr(iday), 16.03.07 (03/16/07): DJS Dreesen (Acido Records), SVN (Hjul)

Autoxylopyrocycloboros - Simon Starling

Simon Starling
Inventar-Nr. 8573 (Man Ray), 4m - 400nm, 2006
80 6x7cm black and white transparencies, 2x Gotschmann Slide Projectors, Kodak Dissolve Control Unit, CD and Player
Duration 8mins.

Simon Starling at Casey Kaplan, Chelsea, NYC, until March 24.

I first saw the steamboat slide show on v2v. Thanks, v2v makers!
Go and see it at the gallery anyway if you can, it's a marveleous show.

Yes, I'm a Witch

From PM fwd by WS:
I'm writing to say a basic hello, and I hope this message finds you well and in good spirits. It's been a while! This is just a quick email about a project I'm really happy about. I've been a big Yoko Ono fan for years, and this is a mini project we put together a while ago. Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth plays guitar on the track, and the whole album has folks like Cat Power, The Flaming Lips, Peaches, Hank Shocklee (who produced Public Enemy), and others. The album title is called "Yes, I'm a Witch" and its Yoko's first full length album in a while. If you have a moment, the track I did with her will be up on my myspace page a bit later today, and the official release of the full album will be on February 6, 2007 on Astralwerks. It's called "Rising" and its one of Yoko's poems - her voice came out great in the mixdown, and I'm really happy with the track.

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