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Towards an Immersive Intelligence

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Towards an Immersive IntelligenceTowards an Immersive IntelligencePublished by EDGEWISE PRESS

Towards an Immersive Intelligence: Essays on the Work of Art in the Age of Computer Technology and Virtual Reality

by Joseph Nechvatal


Price of regular editions: $10.00 each.


viral symphOny 4th movement

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viral symphonyviral symphony
The viral symphOny 4th movement has been web published here:

DJ Papa spins African Beat

African music is rare. A good reason to dive into a mix of West Africans folk and rumba.
This is a performance of Patty (aka Dj Papa) spinning at the campus radio of the University of Cologne. The show is called "Borderclash".

Part 1
Part 2

Review of Ryoji Ikeda Datamatics [ver 2.0]

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Review ofRyoji IkedaRyoji Ikeda
Datamatics [ver 2.0]
Centre Pompidou, Paris
October 29th 2007 20h30

"One Day We Will All Say The Same Thing.."

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"One Day We Will All Say The Same Thing.."
Simon Goldin & Jakob Senneby

A Project by Adina Popescu in collaboration with W PS1 Radio
Production: Dominikus Mueller

Bartalev Sergey Aleksandrovich
Mircea Cantor
Mikhail Kotomin
Pavel Pepperstein
Wolfgang Staehle

title: 00:49:06:19


for further information please check:

Sound Art Museum opens in Rome

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Lodged in a spacious apartment in an unassuming 19th-century building on Rome’s busy Piazza Vittoria, the new Sound Art Museum is both a public venue and the realized dream of Dora Stiefelmeier and Mario Pieroni, the founders of Zerynthia, a not-for-profit organization created in 1991 to promote exhibitions and performances in Italy and abroad. Inaugurated Feb. 26, the Sound Art Museum is a project of Zerynthia and its subsidiary, RadioArteMobile (RAM), an internet radio station launched in 2002 to explore–and expand–the territory shared by the visual arts and sound research. The Sound Art Museum’s premiere exhibition is “Inaudita” (meaning both “unheard” and “unprecedented”) and features installations by the Vito Acconci studio, Markus Huemer, Donatella Landi, Stephen Vitiello and Achim Wollscheid. The organizers are Lorenzo Benedetti, an independent curator, Riccardo Giagni, a composer and musicologist, and the artist Cesare Pietroiusti.

artstream: Holger Mohaupt


You can't take too little, but you can take too much.
Online as part of artstream.

Through sound, photography and moving image, Holger Mohaupt explores perceptions of Jamaican culture, based on the recipes of a local cook.

The work is part of a collaboration between Graham Fagen and Holger Mohaupt. Both artists went to Jamaica to make new pieces of work: Graham Fagen for an exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow to commemorate the abolition of slavery 200 years ago; and Holger Mohaupt to make a piece of work exploring the manifestations of current culture in Jamaica.

Call for Video or Audio

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Tam Tam Digifestival sponsors IPSE DIGIT, a competition reserved to digital audio-video productions.
If you have realized only by digital a videoclip, an Internet documentary, a mobile movie or a newsreel reportage, please send your work to: Coop. Tam Tam, Via Ugo Niutta 33, 80128 Napoli / Naples - Italy.

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