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Bruce High Quality Foundation

Chicago Bruce

From Bad At Sports comes notice of BHQF's imminent arrival in Chicago.

Bruce High Quality Foundation and CREATIVE TIME: Teach 4 Amerika, kickoff rally at Cooper Union, Tuesday March 29, 6:30 pm

The Bruce High Quality Foundation and CREATIVE TIME present Teach 4 Amerika, A Rally for Anarchy in Arts Education

Tour Dates & Locations

New York, NY
· March 29 rally at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art
The Great Hall, 7 East 7th Street, New York, 6:30 pm
General Admission, RSVP required:

We Like America and America Likes Us

We Like America and America Likes Us from Bruce High Quality Foundation on Vimeo.

I plan to go back to the Whitney Biennial for another viewing before it closes (May 30), partly to see this piece again. But since I have not yet done so, I decided to access the video online, admittedly minus its particular installation details: the white ambulance, with headlights blazing in a darkened room, mysteriously projecting its brooding interior monologue onto a blue tinted windshield.

Dan Flavin at David Zwirner, and Bruce High Quality Foundation University at Susan Inglett

James Kalm immerses viewers in the colored space of Dan Flavin’s Series and Progressions at David Zwirner. These works originally designed in 1968, represent a breakthrough both in their use of “ready made” commercially available neon light fixtures and their “Post-Minimal” radiance of sensual colored light. From the austere to the over the top we next trip into the Susan Inglett Gallery for the Bruce High Quality Foundation University, a learning experience in the absurd. Bruce High Quality is a loose confederation of artists who have recently achieved a high level of visibility with their goof ball antics and pathetic products that mask their wry version of “institutional critique”.

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