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Sewing Rebellion

Sunday, November 19, 2006
Join the Sewing rebellion! Take a stand against the fashion machine and emancipate yourself by learning how to sew. Frau Fiber, artist, activist and former textile worker invites you to join in the sewing rebellion! Learn sewing tricks of the trade, so you won’t have to labor confused and frustrated at your sewing machines any longer. Create your own fashion statement beyond the boundaries of designer labels. Revolt against the globalization of the fashion industry by producing garments unique to your taste and body shape.

Hello Korea #3: Back in the GDR!

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found in Mugeodong, Ulsan, South Korea.
A real shocker for Germans - The old nick name for the Deustche Demokratische Republik (DDR) was "Zone"- short for Soviet Occupied Zone. Nowadays a Korean Game Parlor.
More of such parallel suprises around the DMZ?

DeJong and Oursler, Nov 8

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Video Artists in Conversation


Wednesday Nov 8

DeJong and Oursler will present new work
and discuss their long-standing collaboration.

Constance DeJong has made performance and video extensions of her writing,
presenting oral adaptations of her published texts. Since the creation of
her first novel Modern Love (1978) - published in serial form as mail art

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