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Re-Staging, Re-Enactment, Remix and Mimetics

I called this piece 3-In-1 done in 1994, a fake Joseph Kosuth. Actually it was a restaging of the Kosuth piece that put the three separate elements (photo, chair, Photostat) into a frame making it into a single discreet art object. The original piece by Kosuth titled, One In Three Chairs has three separate parts.

Helios Oceanos postcard

Helios Oceanos postcard

Environmental video installation videos /three channel/ Scope Miami 2006 at Gansevoort Hotel South Beach December 6 to 10 2006
Janet Biggs
Christina McPhee
Andrea Juan

curated by Lee Wells

Conference Junkie (I)

Neglectful of this blog I have been. Returned from Europe months ago, I embarked on a round of conferences – in later October I did "Trans" the visual culture conference at University of Wisconsin-Madison, "Art in the Contested City" at Pratt Institute, and then "Continental Drift" at 16 Beaver both in early November in NYC. All these shindigs were illuminating, from very different points of view.

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