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Now On Sale At the AT&T Store -- Anti Net Neutrality Propaganda

The sales force at AT&T stores has a lot to do these days. They have to customers disappointed over dropped calls and poor service on the overburdened wireless network.

They have to explain why the new iPhone data plan is more expensive than the old one, as my colleague and iPhone enthusiast Alex Curtis discovered.

"Public space today"


Oh yeah? Ha ha ha ha ha!

Bright Nights - Manhattan Bridge Video Commission


Participating artists: Burak Arikan, Motomichi Nakamura, Marius Watz, Lee Wells
Curator: Christina Vassallo

An evening of projections on the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage in DUMBO, Brooklyn presented by Random Number through the NYCDOT Urban Art Program.

extracts from the Viral Venture project

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Here are two short extracts from the Viral Venture project (2009) for demonstration purposes.

Viral Venture is a digital art projection (and/or ongoing installation) by the artist Joseph Nechvatal with a musical score by the composer Rhys Chatham.

The Viral Venture projection consists of Nechvatal's most recent artificial-life computer virus attacking his digital images. It acts in real time as modeled on the biological viral mode as programmed by Stephane Sikora in C++.

Rhys Chatham's score consists of his 2005 composition for 400 electric guitars, entitled A Crimson Grail, commissioned by Nuit Blanche. It was performed and recorded at the Sacré-Coeur Basilica in Paris. The score is looped so that the projection can run for an indefinite length of time without disruption.

~~~~~venus©-~Ñ~vibrator, even

cybersex novella ‘~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~venus©-~Ñ~vibrator, even’ was written during my artist-in-residency at the Cite des Art International in Paris during 1995. I edited it to this final version in NYC in 1999.

Artists Meeting-Art Machine (AM-AM)

Artists Meeting is testing out a new fundraising site called We have a project called Artists Meeting - Art Machine that we are developing to be shown in Art Fairs. It is an Art Automat. We're asking the thing community to donate small sums to build this piece. The upside is that you get valuable prizes if you contribute on the Kickstarter site.

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