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MemoryPodd BETA software [MEMEPODD] creates a user-defined reality version of memory construct files (*.podd) in avatar_compatible models (Tars). Later versions of MEMEPODD are expected to have different reality_layer_field_encoding with AI geared towards autonomy rather re-creation. convertoutpodd is a command line utility to convert *.podd files created with MEMEPODD to TAR manifestations that correspond exactly with a users desired model.


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Free Jeep Tours

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Jeep JeepJeep JeepAt first embarrassed about receiving a hand-me-down 4wd Jeep Cherokee from his family (a totally unnecessary vehicle for urban Chicago) LeRoy Stevens eventually came to the only logical conclusion: Free Jeep Tours.

THING.residency: Locus Sonus Duplex Performance


THE THING would like to invite your face and body and voice to 11 Harrison Street, ground floor storefront gallery, RIVERFAWN, for the Manhattan interface of THE THING.residency: LOCUS SONUS DUPLEX PERFORMANCE. This is a special performance that will be live from the Roebling Bridge on the Delaware River and from the RIVERFAWN Gallery in New York City. You will be part of the performance!:

6pm –10pm Thursday August 24th
11 Harrison Street, ground floor*
New York City

Meet Luka Frelih in NYC, January 7th

Luka Frelih Frida V.

Luka Frelih, THE THING and LMCC Swing Space invite you to a closing presentation of the Frida V. project in New York City.

Come, see and try out the Frida bicycle with all the gear mounted, meet Luka and get a first-hand take on the project from him plus a chance to directly ask all the questions you still have. Luka will present all the results of the month-long riding around New York - the videos, photos, ambient sounds and - of course - the map of free wireless access in the city and all the tracks that the bicycle made around it.

THE THING, Death Star, December 2, 2005


Pictures from the Death Star, December 2, 2005

Death Star 4



THE THING Housewarming


THE THING housewarming and welcome for THING.residency artists Jan Gerber and Daniel Pflumm

The Death Star, NYC
November 9, 2005

left: Joerg Lohse strikes a pose


Pictures of mukul performance June 21, 2005


Pictures from the dinner for Jakob Boeskov (Danes for Bush) and mukul (ambientTV) during his residency at The Thing in June plus shots by Jee Won Kim of the performance of mukul's phoneme (speak slowly after the tone) at 149 Ludlow Street in NYC, June 21, 2005.


My Doomsday Weapon by Jakob Boeskov


Doomsday Weapon
Tales from the travels of a
GPS weapon by Jakob Boeskov.


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