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ECAM 2008 conference in Mexico City

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ECAM 2008 conference in Mexico CityECAM 2008 conference in Mexico City
Cybism @ ECAM 2008 Mexico City

These brief words are an attempt to outline for ECAM 2008 what I am calling Cybism by stating what I take to be its underlying attributes.

Sheffield, UK Cooling Towers are to be demolished despite public and artworld support

Sheffield's famous Tinsley cooling towers will be demolished over the August Bank Holiday weekend, energy giant 'E.On' has announced, despite thousands of people had signed petitions to save the towers, which can be seen by motorists who use the M1.
The general publics efforts were so determined that they even filed for the two iconic concreate cooling towers to be classed as a piece of public art. This really could have worked, as they are the Sheffield equivilent to the Newcastle Angel of the North. It doesn't appear that there's much more that we can do. Eon are adamant that the towers have to come down, and have been unwilling to consider anything else all along. Nothing that we have done has changed that, not even the TV program on channel 4 or the radio interview on BBC Radio 2. The council haven't got the ambition or vision to see that these towers could be icons, that they could attract millions of people. Unless there's some sort of divine intervention, then, it looks like the cooling towers will disappear.

Some Rules to the Contemporary Artworld. *(Rough draft)*

What makes contemporary art sell? What gets you that gallery? What makes you 'famous'?
Forget the pure essence of what it means to be an artists, forget what Ad Reinhardt was trying to tell us. Sometimes we have to eat, sometimes it would be nice to be respected.
Sick of not getting the recognition for your work that it deserves? Well a group that I'm apart of "Contemporary Art as Dialogue" [C.A.a.D] has all the answers here.
Need a First in your Art Degree? Or Need that gallery proposal acceptance? Forget trying to give meaning to our consumeristic lives; stop trying to kill the false being inside and really, you gotta stop with those ideals of helping the start of the Spiritual Revolution. Be serious for a moment. This is the answer to you artists that arecrowding the artscene. We’re like the DaDarists…. and Art&Language but better… no that’s just jokes… But arrogance gets you everywhere too!

Here they are.....

A Re-Appropriation of an Appropriated Deception of a Deception of a Deception Exhibition

In April a group of young artists got together and decided to take their 'careers' into their own hands and did a collaborative project.

I say young artists, I mean aspiring artists aka art students. And I was one of them.

We got some sponsorship together, hired a real gallery space in the heart of Sheffield's art scene (Sheffield's answer to Chelsea in NYC or Vyner St London) and went out to fool the community.



To Be

Port Huron Project

upcoming reenactments
Part of Creative Time's 2008 public art initiative
Democracy in America: The National Campaign

Cesar Chavez
Based on a 1971 speech by César Chávez
(Performance by Ricardo Dominguez)

6:00 PM, Saturday, July 19, 2008
South Lawn, Exposition Park, Los Angeles

Say Goodbye to Biotech Party!

Title:Say Goodbye to Biotech Party!
START DATE: Thursday June 19
TIME: 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Location Details:
Children's Park Downtown San Diego, Across from the Convention Center

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