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“eminent domain, nyc” tour with Bettina Johae - a road trip through Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn

Two passenger seats are still available for the Sunday, April 10th Iron Maiden Artist Tour:

“eminent domain, nyc” tour with Bettina Johae
- a road trip through Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn

Guilty Pleasures


The Book of Guilty Pleasures (2011)The Book of Guilty Pleasures (2011)

The Book of Guilty Pleasures (2011)

A collection of 100 contributions from different artists, curators, musicians, and writers on their aural guilty pleasures, initiated by Song-Ming ANG and co-edited with Kim Cascone.


Activists Derail Massive Chevron Ad Campaign, Spark Media Vaudeville

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October 19, 2010

Massive Chevron Ad Campaign Derailed, Media Slapstick Follows
News outlets, citizens duped by web of deceit - but whose?

A day-long comedy of errors began Monday morning when the Yes Men, supported by Rainforest Action Network and Amazon Watch, pre-empted Chevron's enormous new “We Agree” ad campaign with a satirical version of their own. The activists' version highlights Chevron's environmental and social abuses - the same abuses they say Chevron is attempting to “greenwash.”

“Chevron's super-expensive fake street art is a cynical attempt to gloss over the human rights abuses and environmental degradation that is the legacy of Chevron's operations in Ecuador, Nigeria, Burma and throughout the world,” said Ginger Cassady, a campaigner at Rainforest Action Network. “They must think we're stupid.”

Plan C, Clue 3: The Ride

In the Summer 2010 a group of six artists went to Chernobyl to develop "Plan C". While they were there they picked through the irradiated remains.

Before they departed, a rural tractor left the Zone, leading west.

Saving Russia

When I was paddling in Brandenburg to see how easily waterplants could be collected to yield
biofuel, I passed a large monument to the Russian soldiers who fought there,

and I realized,

that Russia was now in trouble,

and needed to be saved

from the combustion of fossil fuels,

In order on youtube : ~~~~~venus©-~Ñ~vibrator, even

In order on youtube : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~venus©-~Ñ~vibrator, even

venus©-~Ñ~vibrator, evenvenus©-~Ñ~vibrator, even

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~venus©-~Ñ~vibrator, even (intro) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~venus©-~Ñ~vibrator, even (part ii)




Rammellzee, with his wack verbosity, is under appreciated in my opinion as a theorist. I have put most of his theory writings together here to encourage their study.
-Joseph Nechvatal

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