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Thomas Lee Murrin (February 8, 1939 - March 12, 2012)

Thomas Lee Murrin (February 8, 1939 - March 12, 2012)

Tom Murrin, 2008. Photo by Joseph O. Holmes

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of performance artist and writer Thomas Lee Murrin who, surrounded by his wife Patricia and friends, died on March 12, 2012 of complications from cancer. He was 73.

Tom Murrin created non-traditional theater as both the Alien Comic and then later as Jack Bump and tirelessly supported generations of younger artists. Tom will be missed not only by his family and friends, but also by the greater New York performance community who celebrates Tom’s humorous, heartfelt artistry and shares his passion for non-traditional theater created freely and without restrictions.

#Occupy38 @Occupy38, a performance/co-optation at Artists Space

from my Facebook wall, Sunday, October 23, 2011

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Steven Kaplan
‎#Occupy38 @Occupy38
Something's up @ArtistsSpace.
38 Greene Street NYC Occupied. General Assembly At Noon 10.23.11
But is it really happening? And does it have anything to do with #OWS?
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Joshua Smith
Steve, it's a fucking disaster. Columbia grad, internationally exhibited performance artist, Georgi Sagri interrupted someone's lecture yesterday by passing out a pretty weak "Take Artists Space" poem, and then invited kids who had no idea what Artists Space was to occupy the spae. Has nothing to do with #OWS - it's like "Occupy a Friendly Non Profit Gallery". What artist doesn't want to do that?


April 14, 2011. During the Congressional budget hearings, Representative Joseph Crowley (Democrat - NY) offered a brilliant recapitulation of Bob Dylan's silent cue card performance of "Subterranean Homesick Blues" in the D.A. Pennebaker documentary Don't Look Back. How better to show utter contempt for standard issue Republican complacency?

The Art Aquatic with Duke Riley

Duke Riley
Those Who Are About to Die Salute You
Naumachia - Live Roman Naval Battle
Queens Museum of Art: Launch Pad Artist-in-Residence Program
Thursday, August 13th, 6 - 9:30 pm

August 15, 2009. This event promised to adhere to historical precedents from the Roman Empire, at least as filtered through the popular imagination of Hollywood films like Ben Hur: bread and circuses; pomp and revelry; the heady Coliseum drama of thumbs up and thumbs down; the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat; reenacted maritime battles staged in a shallow reflecting pool; "death" by baguette or balloon sword, catapulted watermelon bomb and tomato projectile; an orgy of flotsam and jetsam; an outdoor food fight seasoned with the anarchic spirit of a college toga party. And the added promise that all of this estival mayhem was being done in the name of art.

Becoming Dragon - a 365 hour immersive performance in Second Life

Becoming Dragon - a 365 hour immersive performance in Second Life
December 1-16th
Opening December 1st, 7-9pm
Daily Hours, 11am-7pm

Where: The Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA),
Atkinson Hall, Visiting Artist Lab #1613, UCSD, and in Second Life at

Contact: Micha Cárdenas, 619-750-8851,

Art of Darkness

March 28 - 29, 2008
Presented by Milwaukee International
495 Broadway, 3rd Floor

Considering those aspects of Armory Week in New York which might be remembered in days to come, I predict Dark Fair will resonate in the annals of art history, and not just for the central conceit of doing it off the grid — of using no plug-in electrical devices or overhead lights at its Swiss Institute venue, instead substituting candles, flashlights, battery powered laptops, kerosene lamps and other glow-in-the-dark initiatives — but for its subversive stance as an anti-fair, an event that emulated the form but not necessarily the mandate to sell. It opened on Friday, closed on Saturday, and in the interim attracted an audience that stretched around the block.

Artist Meeting at SCOPE

artists meeting t shirtsartists meeting t shirts
Artists Meeting will convene it's regular meeting at the SCOPE art fair (62nd street at Lincoln Center) this Sunday March 30th at 2pm. The location within the fair is at the [PAM] installation in the VIP lounge. You can get a free entry pass by saying that you are part of [PAM] Perpetual Art Machine at the door. You can also go to the [PAM] Website and print out an artists pass to get in for free.

Elgaland – Vargaland in Venice

A frequent critique of the Venice Biennale is its organization into national pavilions. As a legacy of the first Biennale of 1895, when nations were young, naive, and given to a prideful beating of their imperial wings, the idea of identifying particular art with a particular country and then competing for the best of show, a Golden Lion, might have once seemed appropriate. It now seems wholly anachronistic. In our current climate of globalization, of multi-national corporations and commissions funding large exhibitions in far flung territories, of curators and artists hopping from one project and one continent to another, segregation according to nationality appears somewhat fusty and quaint.

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