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Electronic Disturbance Theater

ECD/Transborder Immigrant Tool - Front Page LA Times - Plus Shows

UC San Diego professor who studies disobedience gains followers -- and investigators

Ricardo Dominguez, an electronic civil disobedience expert, is the target of probes examining whether his work improperly uses public funds and violates security laws.,0,482...

2010 California Biennial

Op Ed by EDT/bang.lab in Union Tribune, San Diego

SUNDAY, MARCH 7, 2010 AT 12:04 A.M.

Transborder Immigrant Tool helps Mexicans cross over safely

Vice has an interview with b.a.n.g lab's Ricardo Dominguez about the Transborder Immigrant Tool, a GPS device based on a cheap cell phone that will help Mexican immigrants safely cross the border.

For the past few years you've been working on the Transborder Immigrant Tool, which sounds like it's really going to chafe the asses of millions of people--civilians and government entities alike. What was the impetus for this project?

My research lab at Calit2 is called BANG Lab, which stands for Bits, Atoms, Neurons, and Genes. One of the areas I've focused on since I've been in San Diego is developing what we call border-disturbance technologies.

A Global Poetic/Positioning System: The Transborder Immigrant Tool

Transborder Immigrant Tool at ISEA 2009

b.a.n.g. lab researchers have been very busy and have a handful of upcoming and recent exhibitions! Follow these links to find out more!


Transborder Immigrant Tool has a new blog up:

b.a.n.g lab also has a new blog up:


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