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Destroyer of Naivetés

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Destroyer of NaivetésDestroyer of Naivetés

Destroyer of Naivetés
punctum books * brooklyn, ny

Transborder Immigrant Tool poetry in L.A. - The Anarchy Show

Electronic Disturbance Theater 2.0/b.a.n.g.lab read Transborder Immigrant Tool poetry in L.A. (6:25 in) but you should view all it when you can. Enjoy.

Tony Fitzpatrick “Drawings for Crazy Horse” at PIEROGI

James Kalm slips into Williamsburg under cover of night to bring viewers a look and an extended interview with one of Chicago’s preeminent contemporary artists, Tony Fitzpatrick. Obsessively worked and fabricated from the cast off refuge of down home culture, Fitzpatrick weaves a narrative of tragic heroics recording a poetic portrait of one of the last of the great Native American leaders Crazy Horse. With simple scraps and elementary colors these collage paintings transcend their small size to express a sense of monumental mourning. Includes an extended interview with Tony Fitzpatrick.

Illuminated nanoscripts for iPod nanos by *paticle group*

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An illuminated nanoscript by Amy Sara Carroll, Ricardo Dominguez and Diane Ludin for iPod nano video presentation created for the *particle group* project installation at:

Performances by poets Fiona Templeton, Lawrence Joseph, and musician John King 6/18

HP Garcia Gallery is delighted to announce a poetry reading and music event with highly acclaimed poets Fiona Templeton, Lawrence Joseph, and musician John King, taking place at the gallery on Wednesday, June 18 at 7-8:30PM. To celebrate the last 10 days of the ongoing exhibition “Present”, curated by Jay Murphy, Lawrence Joseph will read his sensually and politically charged poems.

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